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Being a Cloud Computing software, TrackEx affords the convenience to seamlessly integrate travel and expense management to interface with most number of CRM, HRMS, accounting software or ERP solutions. This, in turn, facilitates increased T&E visibility, greater control on travel spend, insights for better decision-making, export expense data for reporting, and, improve employee productivity and efficiency.

Benefits you get with a cloud computing service

Faster accessibility

Using a cloud-based service gives you the ease to access it anytime from anywhere, provided you are connected to the internet. So, log in using the app or web to make faster bookings, submit expense claims, import expense reports and more.

Better compatibility

Cloud platforms gives you the flexibility to scale and configure the T&E program to your business-specific needs, even with data upgrade over time. The solution is backed by an infrastructure that is highly compatible to connect to any internal system. This means those using the solution need not invest in additional hardware, software or licenses.

High data security

Get real-time data backups that comply with security standards. All data exchanged related to travel & expense management is encrypted and assures safe business transactions.

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