How To Streamline Travel And Expense Management

Planning a business trip is no easy task. It takes a lot of intricate planning. With employees flying for business now and then, there is a lot to be done. From booking flights, arranging accommodation, appointing car rental to food expenses, etc. it’s an infinite list of costs.

How to make an effective strategy to forecast risks using your real-time data?

Today's businesses operate in new contexts, with new needs that necessitate the creation of new expense categories. As chaos reigns and obstacles pile up, businesses need all the tools they can get to remain on top of their expenditures and keep their cash flow under control.

Tips for Managing Travel and Expense Costs from Anywhere

The ongoing scenario of work from home has increased the demand for better control and management of the expenses of employees and clients at times when the unpredictability is high, and the expenses might range a lot.

10 Smart Ways to Reduce Business Travel Expenses

Saving money on corporate travel is not easy, especially when employees are flying for business frequently. In a situation like this, companies generally have two ways to respond to increasing travel expenses.

Streamline Travel and Expense Management in a Go

Business travel has become a vital marketing component for all sorts and sizes of organizations seeking to expand. Business travelers step into the role of the organization's public face.

What is travel and expense, its importance and what does it mean to businesses?

Travel and expense also denoted with the acronym T&E – are terms used when defining the summation of operational cost disbursed on business T&E management.

Benefits of Mobile Expense Management

Filing employee expenses has never been easy. It’s a tedious process that involves maintaining spreadsheets, assembling piles of paper receipts, and clearing manager approvals.

Smart Perks of Business Expense Management

Employees going on a business trip and paying for basics like food, drinks, stay and transport with their personal/corporate card.

Top Five Challenges of Business Travel and Expense Management

Rise in globalization has driven organizations to develop international influence and start operating on a global scale.

Will Covid-19 Change the Future of Travel Forever? 5 things to look out for.

The coronavirus pandemic has not just affected mankind but made a significant impact on the global economy – travel being the hardest hit.

The Ultimate Travel Reading List For The Road Warrior

If you have a reader lurking within you who wants to reap the best from their leisure during business travel; who looks out for an intellectual stimulant rather than fiddling with the phone, then you are at the right door. We have jotted a list of renowned bestsellers that...

A Compilation of Technological Innovations That Will Disrupt Business Travel - II

Continuing what we discussed in the last part, we bring you ...

Top 4 Strategic Approaches to Improve Sales ROI

Investing millions to drive a high performing sales team but not achieving the desired return on your investments? Well, the truth is, sales growth is easier said than done.

A Compilation of Technological Innovations That Will Disrupt Business Travel- I

Organizations by now have a pretty sound perception of how frequent trips get the better of business travelers over time.

5 unconventional ways CXOs can maximize sales ROI

You as a CXO get concerned that sales travel has been costing a lot to the company. But on second thought, there’s not much you can do about it.