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  • Track Ex Process Feature Icon Claims and Reimbursements Process Transparency
  • Track Ex Value Feature Icon Gain Control and Visibility On Travel Budgets
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  • Track Ex App Feature Icon ROI Metrics on Travel Spends
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  • Save up to 70% of your time
  • Save more than 20% on your travel expenses
  • Boost compliance 3X
  • Up to 80% automation for your travel and expense workflow
  • 90% compatibility level- integration with critical systems
  • Boost decision making & performance 2X

The features your business needs

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Custom-designed datacenter and multi-level encryption

TrackEx’s custom designed data-server with continuous monitoring helps protect your data and enhances security. TrackEx also has a multi-level encryption and authentication system to securely protect and safeguard information from cyber threats with real-time security alerts.

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Streamline payment process

The simplified and accurate payment process helps companies to reimburse faster, thus ensuring happy employees. With an easy-to-use interface for expenses management, employees can easily capture their spend even when they are traveling, and can quickly create and submit their expense claims. The managers on their end get an organized report and guided review with highlights of violation, if any, that makes the approval process easy for them.

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Effectively Manage Per Diem Expenses

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Travel & Expense Management For ITES

expense reporting
Real time expense reporting

TrackEx reduces expense reporting time by 80%! The application’s intelligent automation enables one-tap expenses reporting, submission, approval and reimbursement. Besides, TrackEx also organizes receipts, e-receipts, credit card charges, and wallet payment details on-the-go while staying in compliance with company policies.

expense reporting
Paperless expense submission, claims, and reimbursement

Submit e-receipts from anywhere: mobile, web, tablet, desktop, or email. TrackEx's cloud-based platform enables paperless expense submission, claims submission, and reimbursement processing. All the reports are auto-generated and transferred electronically making the process fast, accurate and paperless.

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