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  • Track Ex flight feature Icon Single, Unified Travel & Expense Management Platform
  • Track Ex Process Feature Icon Claims and Reimbursements Process Transparency
  • Track Ex Value Feature Icon Gain Control and Visibility On Travel Budgets
  • Actionable Insights
  • Track Ex App Feature Icon ROI Metrics on Travel Spends
  • Auto Approval Policy

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  • Save up to 70% of your time
  • Save more than 20% on your travel expenses
  • Boost compliance 3X
  • Up to 80% automation for your travel and expense workflow
  • 90% compatibility level- integration with critical systems
  • Boost decision making & performance 2X

The features your business needs

expense reporting
Real time expense reporting

Go paperless! Organize receipts, credit card charges, and e-receipts on-the-go with our mobile app with one tap claims submission, approval, and reimbursement.

expense reporting
Streamline payment process

Automate every step of the expense management process with credit card integration and intelligent policy check to shorten the validation and reimbursement cycle.

expense reporting
Corporate fares and travel booking

Save more with corporate fares and effortless booking from 2800+ airlines, 8500+ accommodation partners, and 210+ cab operators.

expense reporting
Shorter expenses approval cycles

Pre-trip approvals, auto-generation of expense reports by scanning receipts and/or importing data from emails facilitates same-day report submission.

expense reporting
Integration and communication

TrackEx integrates with a wide range of ERP and accounting systems, and its secure file transfer capability makes data sharing secure.

expense reporting
Boost decision making and performance

Get all the data and insights from employee trip preferences and expense reports for better decision-making and improved employee performance.

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